Early Warning Signs That Cancer Is Growing In Your Body

You do not have to depend on routine examination and tests alone in order to keep you from various diseases as well as cancer. It is also important to pay attention to anything unexplainable, odd and different. 1. Chest Pain or Chronic Cough Bronchitis and bad cough can be a symptoms for few kinds of cancer as well as lung tumors and leukemia. Some people who suffer from lung cancer usually report chest pain that extends down the arm and up into their shoulders. 2. Shortness of Breath or Wheezing The powerlessness to catch their breath is one of the first symptoms for lung cancer. 3. Difficulty Swallowing It’s often one of the first symptoms of lung cancer and it can be also linked with throat cancer and esophageal. 4. Infections or Frequent Fevers These situation can be signs of cancer of the blood cells –leukemia. This disease is sapping the infection fighting abilities of the body. 5. Bleeding That Doesn’t Stop or Excessive Bruising This condition usually tells that som